The Health Tonic with Ashwagandha Adaptogen


The Antioxidant with Omega 3 fatty acids Improves energy level


The Baby soap with Kokum butter. Maintain the original baby fragrance


The Acne soap with Almond protein Supports skin Elasticity and general flexibility.

Welcome to Galaxy Health Care!

We provide quality medicines for generating healthy generations.


Galaxy Health care is a young, enthusiastic developing company in down south. Mr.G.Balasubramanian, Director of Galaxy Health Care is one of the most respected, successful, energetic, young person in the Pharmaceutical industry. Through his dynamic vision and leadership he Markets all the products from Chennai to kanyakumari from 2010.

About Us

We are one of the most reputed organization, we cover multiple dosage forms including Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Ointments, Creams, Liquid, Lotions and soaps


Our Presence extends therapies and includes Anti – Infectives, Pain Management, Gastro-Intestinal, Respiratory, Dermatologist, Orthopedics etc.


Our products are Generous, Genial and Genuine


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Galaxy Healthcare
52, First Floor, Naicker New Street,

Phone: 0452+4504488
Mobile: 7373018880

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